The benefits of private tutoring

I adore my job. Why? Because I get to make a difference to people. I get to impart wisdom to my students. I get to build up a relationship with them. I get to watch them grow, and revel in their successes, both with me and without me.

People need tutoring for so many different reasons – here are a few example scenarios:

  • They are ill and missed a lot of school.
  • They’ve been taken out of school by parents because of severe bullying (sadly way too common these days). 
  • They are falling behind and struggling with their confidence.
  • They are adults who have never learnt to read and now want to make something of themselves.
  • They are trying to improve their exam scores.
  • They are learning English as a second language.

I have worked with students like these and more.  Kids who hate school, but grow to appreciate my calming, friendly and fun technique.

I work with many children who are challenged by a lot of the pressures that come with school life. This idea that we should focus more on exams than on children’s development. The mental health of my students is very important to me. I give my students the space to discuss issues, help them work hard and develop their skills so they can cope in the classroom. I often have breaks with my students, so I play games with them, and really make the effort to get to know them. It’s important to me to see them all as individuals, and not just statistics.

There are several benefits to private tutoring, for example;

  • The tutor goes at the pace that is right for the student. I encourage honesty between my students, and encourage them to talk if they are unhappy with anything in the lesson. They are not afraid to question me. It’s their lesson, at the end of the day. I want them to get the most out of it.
  • Private tutors give individual attention to children or adults, and I cannot stress how important this is. I tailor my lessons to my students’ strengths and enjoyments, as well as working with parents’ needs too.
  • Students learn much more than just what’s on a lesson plan. They learn how to be confident, how to debate with adults, organisational skills and study guides and techniques. It’s a lot more flexible than a structured lesson aimed at 25-30 students.
  • Private tutoring is flexible and convenient – I will always work around YOU, the client.
  • Private tutors can help students set their goals – and can focus on them.


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