Hello! Welcome to my page!

      My name is Katy Wilson, and I work as an English  Tutor in the North East of England. I am based in Cramlington, in Northumberland, but I travel all around the county.

I pride myself on my unique teaching style; I believe that learning such be an enjoyable experience, so I always strive to make my lessons as fun and entertaining as possible! Laughter is encouraged at all times!

I currently tutor at all ages, from 3+, including adults. I also offer a proofreading service for any situations, including essays for school, dissertations for university, stories, recipes and many, many more!

I also offer online lessons; I have tutored far and wide all over the world, even as far as China! Don’t let distance put you off! 

Interested? Please get in touch! Email me at burrydlp@hotmail.com or fill in my ‘contact me’ form.

 I also have a page on the Tutorful website – feel free to check out that page (see link below). I have excellent reviews on that site, so please, double check before you commit!